Welcome to Mamaita

Born in 1930, Mamaita my beloved Grandmother grew up on a small ranch on the outskirts of Trujillo, Peru.  Back then women were overprotected to say the least. To pass the time she grew up learning to cook from the ranch caretakers and eventually it became her lifelong passion. She was given the nickname, Mamaita, when her grandchild couldn’t decide whether she was his “Mama” or “Abuelita.”  Her friends and family still call her Mamaita as a term of love and endearment. 

This cilantro hot sauce was perfected after many years in the kitchen as a single mother and then matriarch to our whole family.

After 50 years in Chicago, Mamaita lives and breathes family and the best way to show love in our family is through food.

I invite you to taste the love, and experience how fortunate we’ve been to have Mamaita in our lives.  We guarantee she’ll make everything taste better!


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